wilsonfather is given by my fren..junyu jz name nia!!
And not funny la!!..n it reli nice name la..hehe

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

High School musical 3..Senior Year!!

wOw..high SCHool musical 3. verY nice nice nice!!
recommend SONG: 1.Can i have this dance
2. NIght to remember
3.High school MUsical
4.JZ wana be with you
Go listen n watch now!!

Hudson's nephew found dead: police

Police have discovered the body of the missing nephew of "Dreamgirls" star Jennifer Hudson who had not been seen since his grandmother and uncle were found murdered, officials said Monday.
"We can confirm that the body located inside the vehicle was the body of seven-year-old Julian King," Chicago police superintendent Jody Weis told reporters.
"Today a family and community are grieving but we want them to take comfort in knowing Chicago police and detectives will continue to work around the clock to make sure that justice is served."
While Weis said it was too soon to guess at a motive, he said police believe "it wasn't the case of a stranger homicide."
Weis said police have not yet identified a suspect in the case but the boy's stepfather, William Balfour, is considered a "person of interest."
Balfour, who was taken into custody for questioning on Friday, is being held on a parole violation but has not been charged.
Estranged from Hudson's older sister Julia, he has denied involvement in the murders or disappearance, law enforcement sources said.
Police believe Hudson's brother, Jason, 29, was shot through the door of the family home. The shooter then entered the home and kept firing, hitting Hudson's mother Darnell Donerson, 57, as she entered the room.
Hudson's older sister, Julia, discovered the bodies around 3:00 pm Friday but there was no sign of her son.
Hudson's family offered a 100,000 dollar reward for Julian's safe return and posted photos of Julian on her website and MySpace page.
"Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely," the family said in a statement on Hudson's website.
"Jennifer and her family appreciate the enormous amount of love, support and prayers they have received while she and her family try to cope with this tragedy and continue the search for Julian."
At the weekend, Julia Hudson pleaded for the return of her son.
"Give me my baby back. That's all I ask," a tearful Julia Hudson, 31, told reporters Saturday at a Baptist church on the South Side of Chicago.
"I know he's out there. Put him on the side of the street. Just let him go."
She described Julian as an easygoing child who answers to "Juicebox" and "Dr. King" and likes to read and hang out with his grandmother.
Julian was discovered in the back seat of his uncle's sports utility vehicle with fatal gunshot wounds, police said. It was not immediately clear when or where he was killed.
Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson identified the bodies of her mother and brother at the morgue shortly after jetting back to her hometown from Florida late Friday.
The actress, whose star turn in "Dreamgirls" earned her an Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2007, was in Florida promoting her latest movie, "The Secret Life of Bees," when she got word of the tragedy.
Autopsies showed that the pair died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said Saturday.
Chicago police issued an Amber Alert, or child abduction bulletin, for King on Friday. On Saturday, authorities called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help with the search in case the boy had been taken over state lines.
"We're doing that as a precautionary measure," Weis told CNN. Weis said the slayings and the child's disappearance appeared to be a domestic matter.
Balfour had split up with Julia Hudson and moved out of the home she shared with her mother and brother, friends and neighbors said.
The 27-year-old baker has convictions for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections. He was released from prison in May 2006 and is still on probation.
Jennifer Hudson has shunned the spotlight since returning to the Windy City.
The 27-year-old was riding high with a new movie and a number one hit on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts from her recently released self-titled debut album, until the family tragedy upended her life.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

American Idol, Oscar double murder - mother, brother of 'Dreamgirls' actress Jennifer Hudson shot dead

The mother and brother of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson were found shot dead at the family's Chicago home on Friday, the apparent victims of a domestic dispute, according to authorities and news reports.
The bodies of Darnell Donnerson, 57, and her son Jason Hudson, 29, were found around 3 pm at Donnerson's home in the Englewood neighbourhood of the city, reports said.
Police said the murders appeared to be the result of a domestic incident.
Neighbours said they heard gunshots early this morning, but it wasn't until late afternoon that visitors to the home made the gruesome discovery and called police.
Authorities said they were searching for a missing seven-year-old boy, Julian King, in the wake of the double homicide. News reports identified the boy as Donnerson's grandson and Hudson's nephew.
Police issued an all-points bulletin for the missing youngster and a white Chevrolet suburban truck. Officials said the boy might have been abducted from the home and could be in the company of William Balfour, who might be driving the truck.
The alert identified Balfour as a suspect in the murders and said he should be considered armed and dangerous.Balfour is currently on parole after serving six and a half years for attempted murder, and has listed Hudson's mother's address as his own within the last year, the celebrity website TMZ said.
Jennifer Hudson was reported to be flying home to Chicago from Tampa, Florida.
The 27-year-old chanteuse shot to nationwide fame on American Idol, the wildly popular television talent show, and in 2007 she earned an Oscar for supporting actress for her turn in "Dreamgirls," alongside Beyonce, and Jamie Foxx.
Her self-titled debut album came out September 30 and in recent weeks she has been promoting her latest film project, "The Secret Life of Bees."
In interviews, Hudson credited her mother with helping her launch her career by pushing her to apply to American Idol, and said her siblings kept her rooted and down to earth.
Neighbors said the family was tight-knit and that it was a relative who discovered Donnerson and her son Jason around 3:00 pm Friday

TVXQ 4th Album..Mirotic!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Nadal Makes's Most Influential List

It seems that the influence of Rafael Nadal reaches far beyond the tennis court. The ATP World No. 1 features prominently in a list of the world's Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008, released today by
Back in August,, the world's leading men's lifestyle web site, asked its readers to help identify the most influential men of 2008: the guys who have had the biggest influence on the way other men behave, buy and think. More than 200,000 votes later, the results are in, and not surprisingly, a number of prominent sports personalities have made the final cut – including Nadal, who experienced a breakthrough year in 2008, capturing a fourth consecutive Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and Olympic gold. More recently, Nadal clinched the year-end No. 1 South African Airways ATP Ranking.
Paying tribute to Nadal, who is at No. 30 on the list, wrote: All sports need subplots, and Rafael Nadal supplied men around the globe with a scintillating story this year when he faced off against No. 1 seed Roger Federer in the Wimbledon finals for the third consecutive time. The pair proceeded to play the longest final in the tournament’s history, with Rafael Nadal ultimately coming out on top four hours and 48 minutes later with a hard-fought victory. Sports scribes and fans alike were left breathless by the phenomenal spectacle and three-time champ John McEnroe even went so far as to label it "the greatest match I have ever seen."
Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama tops the list of most influential men, followed by Apple Chairman and CEO Steve Jobs at No. 2 and American swimming superstar Michael Phelps at No. 3.

Monday, 13 October 2008

tHe greatest model show in TAIWAN!

If i go into clark

如果我在克拉克 - posted 13/10/2008
“我讲你也讲,谁来听?是我教你还是你教我?我讲课,你就静静听!” “要听不听随你们,反正该讲的我已讲了,不明白不要来问我,考不好也不要说老师不会教。” “进不进得了大学是你们的事,今年送走一批,明年又迎来一批,我工作照做,薪水照拿,没有多大影响。” 这些年,学生就是这样被“教”出来。有时我宁愿选择在家自修,至少闷了可以做喜欢的事,不必受铃声的拘束,在近6小时的时间内只能做“被允许”的事,包括上厕所都得看老师“给不给”。如果不允许,就必须忍耐“飞流直下三千尺”伺机待发的急促感。最重要的是,不用听一大堆难听的“道理”。中四那年,华文老师抽出了一堂课,让我们表达心中理想的华文班。有的同学提议纳入书法课,也有同学建议透过演绎的方式学习中国文学(当年的《友联文选》中部分的小说戏剧),而我则希望老师能带我们到户外学习。不过那年的华文课没有任何改变,我也不明白那堂让我们提议的课,到底是为了什么?再早两年,历史更是让我受尽煎熬。不管怎么努力,还是记不起那些繁琐的史料:那些年份、那些契约、那些人物、那些XbinXXX又长又大同小异的名字……我当时冒出了一个想法:为什么歌词那么轻易就让我们记起?如果把相关的年份、人物、史事等写成一首歌,是不是也会比较容易进脑?于是,我找同学帮忙,他们竟笑我疯了。每次历史成绩一出,历史老师就是满口讥讽,说历史不是数学不用伤脑筋计算,只有懒惰的人才会考到那么低分。他一直强调历史是最容易的科目,却从没告诉我们当时他是用了什么方法才会觉得历史并不吃力。我顿时想到了克拉克学院(Ron Clark Academy),那是隆.克拉克(Ron Clark)老师一直追求的梦想学校。他要克拉克和所有的学校不同,有最先进的教学设施、与众不同的教学课程,让孩子每天都好想上学,更要带他们环游世界。而克拉克的对象,多数都是来自低收入家庭的小孩。创办克拉克的过程中,他凭着不一样的学校蓝图,找来了许多大企业得赞助:Dell、Intel、Delta…… 在克拉克,每间教室都有电子白板,每位学生都有Dell电脑赞助的免费笔记型电脑,教室墙面有各式各样色彩鲜艳、呼应教室主题的涂鸦。老师更把考试转化成过关斩将的游戏。学校的数学课,克拉克老师把数学口诀变成RAP,让学生又唱又跳。他不断出题,让学生自己计算,最后公布答案和做法,并询问:做错的举手。只有做错的学生有资格“发言”。为了鼓励孩子勇于分享自己失败的过程,克拉克老师会“假装”自己也常常做错,让学生指正他,让孩子知道老师也有做错的时候。因此,克拉克的学生可以很有自信地表达自己的错误。克拉克老师说,他花了很多时间建立与学生间的信任感。他强调,老师有义务为孩子设下高水准的自我期许:“假如你觉得你有全世界最糟的学生,那你的学生就会是最糟的,反之亦然。” 克拉克的学生,每学期都要做国际户外教学。毕业前,他们将环游世界六大洲:日本、澳洲、巴黎、伦敦、南非、巴西……费用全数由学校负担。学校也将国际旅行的校外教学合入课程大纲,学生不仅是走马看花,出发前他们已经透过正式课程,学习到应了解的文化、历史、艺术、时事……例如去纽约看歌剧魅影(The Phantom of the Opera)前,全班已经读过其小说、会唱剧中的每一首歌;去大都会博物馆(the Metropolitan Musuem of Art)前,他们要对主要展览作品的创作者、创作背景都有说了解,到了博物馆现场,老师还会举办竞赛活动,测验学生的了解程度。在克拉克的川堂,迎面而来的是放大的学生照片,让全校孩子的微笑与活力的脸庞贴满墙面。老师每年会把新生的照片放大贴在学校入口,希望学生一进校门就有“这里属于我们”的归宿感。在这里,学校把学生照片放大贴满墙面会被学生说“无聊”“浪费钱”;涂鸦行为被校方认定是“破坏公物”“没有道德”;把计算方程式变成RAP会被指“教育变质”“不伦不类”;老师决不会在白板上“做错”,因为那是“耻辱”“不专业”;毕业旅行是环游世界简直就“痴心妄想”“异想天开”!我们的教育,还是比较偏爱每天在课室内从早上7.00++呆到中午1.00++的教学,并坚持每天集会唱国歌能激发学生爱国情操的伟大理念。这里的学校,比较像制造考试机器的工厂,用文凭来标签学生、用分数来评价学生、学生才会把“考完忘光”当作理所当然。我们的老师也常说,只有两种学生的名字能让他们记住:一是好学生,二是坏学生。而多半老师眼中的好学生是外表乖巧、不多说话、成绩优秀且日后必前途无量的成功者;坏学生就是样貌惹人厌、爱捣蛋、成绩糟糕、将来肯定是伤天害理的臭家伙!所以学校有“精英班”“放牛班”,精英班精益求精,放牛班自生自灭!有时候,如果你问老师关于课本以外的东西,他/她会告诉你:“不需要知道那么多,我给你的笔记已足以应付考试了。”老师时常投诉学生变了质,然而教育确实就是这样把孩子教出来。其实不仅仅是学生,老师本身也不能不承认自己变了质,总是口口声声说“学生一年不如一年,一代不如一代,我当初执教的热忱已经一日不如一日,变得心灰意冷了。”学生埋怨老师,老师埋怨学生,最后孩子上学不懂是为了什么,老师也把学校当成纯粹领钱的地方了。克拉克学院的优秀,是基于老师与学生之间的信任感建立起来的。反观我们和老师,别说是信任,连基本的了解都没有。老师不会去了解学生平时爱做些什么,学生对老师的喜好也不感兴趣,因为放学后大家就互不相干了。我们时常被“地位”所分隔,老师是老师,学生是学生,永远不能改变。即使在外遇见,我们也还是会“老师好。”(有些甚至拔腿就跑!),彼此很难解开框框,像遇见好友般畅谈。所以,我们的教育也被这个框框局限了,学习变成不再是一起做的事了。中国新文学革命运动的先锋胡适曾经说过“死文字不能产生活文学”,如今的教育就正正被他说中——死教育不能产生活知识。我们的教育不能再有贵贱尊卑之分,要冲破种种约束,向往学术自由与开放,不能一成不变:死背死记死作答死读书……最后真的是死了。我希望我在克拉克,我更希望每间学校都是克拉克——让我们的教育“复活”!克拉克学院知多点: